Thursday, April 16, 2009

One Piece Dream Pirate Ship Thousand Sunny

Here is one of my other One Piece collection. I got this quite a few month back. It's a detail toy of Thousand Sunny with the entire Straw Hat Crew before Thrill Park Adventure.

There's another updated version which was named One Piece Dream Pirate Ship Thousand Sunny Figure DX. The newer version included Brook and Thousand Sunny was further enhanced. For example, the lion mane is gold in color instead of yellow. I didn't buy the DX version with the thinking that Bandai may isuue another version when Luffy's last crew member joins. (Luffy mentioned that his crew will be a 10 members pirate crew in the initial storyline)


  1. Could you give the chapter where Luffy said he'll have a 10 member crew ?

  2. In chapter 1, Luffy mentioned that he will find at least 10 friends after defeating the sea monster.