Sunday, March 8, 2009


Shichibukai is an organization make up of seven prirates that are in the service of the World Government. They do not offer open opposition to the rule of the World Government, but are not guaranteed to follow its orders either. They are only allowed to attack other pirates and must also pay the Government a tenth of their loot. Basically, they are allies of the World Government, and in war time would fight alongside the Marines.

Juracule Mihawk:
Bounty - UNKNOWN

Donquixote Doflamingo:
Bounty - 340,000,000

Gecko Moria:
Bounty - 320,000,000

Bartholomew Kuma:
Bounty - 296,000,000

Bounty - 250,000,000

Sir Crocodile (Former):
Bounty - 81,000,000

Boa Hancock:
Bounty - 80,000,000

Marshall D. Teach (Replace Sir Crocodile):
Bounty - UNKNOWN

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