Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One Piece Portrait of Pirates

One Piece Portrait of Pirates(P.O.P) figures, are the most sought after collectibles by all One Piece fans. The series is produced by Megahouse of Japan under their Excellent Model range. All the figures are highly detailed and each of them comes with a base stand.

It was first released back in April 2004 from Series 1 to Series 4 and was subsequently re-issued and renamed to NEO series in September 2007. After NEO series 4, Megahouse went forward and introduce a new MILD series which consist of child version of some of the favourite characters.

I will be posting the entire collection of P.O.P starting from NEO series 1 in this blog. Hope all the fan out there can enjoy.

One very important point to note for all who are just starting out to collect the P.O.P series.

As there are a lot of bootleg versions out in the market, in order to ensure that what you got is the genuine product, the figure MUST be accompany with either a Toei Gold sticker or Sliver sticker. Gold is for Japan domestic market while sliver is for Asia/USA/Europe version. Basically, there is no different in the versions and so either version are okay.

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